Giselbert av Luxemburg

Greve av Longwy, Salm och Luxemburg.

Far: Friedrich av Luxemburg ( - 1019)
Mor: Nn
Död 4-01 1)

Familj med okänd
Nn von Salm


"...Friderico comite eiusque fratribus, Gisilberto et Theoderico..." were among the witnesses of the testament dated 12 Nov 1036 left by "Adalbero...prepositus S Paulini Treuerensis, dominus de Ruscheio, de Serico, de Sarburch et de Berincastel", who was their paternal uncle. The primary source which confirms that Friedrich was the father of the three brothers has not yet been identified. Graf von Salm: an exchange of property between the abbeys of St Maximin and Malmédy by charter dated 1035 is witnessed by "comes Gislebertus de Salmo". Gade speculates that Giselbert obtained the stronghold of Salm by marriage. Referred to as "comes de castello Lucelinburg" and "Gilbertus Luceburgenses comes", he succeeded his brother in 1047 as Comte de [Luxembourg]. He was "a wild, warlike man who seized every opportunity to increase his power", he seized land from the abbeys of Echternach and St Maximin, in the district of Köln and from Poppo Archbishop of Trier. Vogt of St Maximin at Trier and of Echternach. He was killed in an uprising in Italy. m ---. The name of Giselbert's wife is not known. However, as noted above, Gade speculates that Giselbert obtained the stronghold of Salm through his marriage.


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